Individual Giving Conference 2023



You’re burnt out by the pandemic push.

So are your donors.

It’s time to reactivate individual giving.

The past couple of years have been pretty tough for fundraisers with a pandemic, war, cost of living crisis, and now the looming threat of a recession making it hard to create a solid plan that we can stick to.

Individual Giving fundraisers feel stressed and overwhelmed by everything they have to do and the ever-changing landscape they need to do it in.

But there is hope.

Despite the predicted doom and gloom for 2022 and 2023, many charities have achieved their fundraising goals thanks to a boost in legacy income and existing donors dug deep to give more; providing an opportunity for fundraisers to take a fresh look at their individual giving programmes to optimise what’s working – and fix what isn’t.

Now the hard work begins.

At the Individual Giving Conference 2023, you will learn:

  • The state of individual giving fundraising in our sector and what you need to prioritise now
  • How to innovate within existing strategies and what good looks like
  • How to retain supporters in an increasingly competitive space that makes one-off giving easier
  • The opportunities that are out there and how to make the most of them

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Reimagining Fundraising – How to Unlock More Gifts with AI
John Roberts
During this session, we’ll be exploring how ambitious, forward-thinking charities are harnessing artificial intelligence to drive further successes right across their IG programmes. We’ll be demystifying the concept of AI, and helping attendees understand what the latest advancements mean for them and their donors, as well as examining a series of real-world case studies to highlight the positive impact these technologies can have.

Getting People to Care
Speaker: Tim Kachuriak
For the past decade, NextAfter founder and Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, Tim Kachuriak, has been obsessed with trying to answer a single question: why do people give? This obsession has led to reams of original research and over 3,300 published experiments. All this research and experimentation has resulted in a simple—yet profound—discovery: the secret to getting more people to give lies first in getting them to care. Through this fast-paced, information-packed opening session full of case studies, Tim will illustrate how you can apply a methodology called “care alignment” to radically increase your fundraising performance.

Which baskets are right for my social media eggs?
Athar Abidi
With channels like Threads emerging and Twitter on the brink of an Elon Musk induced implosion how do you decide where to concentrate your efforts?

Fundraising in a perma-crisis: the view from supporters
Speaker: Steven Dodds & Paul Seabrook
COVID followed by Ukraine War followed by a climate and energy crisis followed by soaring inflation followed by rising interest rates. There’s many reasons people might NOT donate to charity at the moment, but perhaps just as many reasons FOR getting behind a cause. So, how are donors feeling, and what advice do they have for charities to encourage support? This session will share Beautiful Insight’s latest proprietary research into donor’s views on ‘the state of the nation’, the issues that matter to them right now, their donation intentions and how they want charities to evolve in these unprecedented times.

Order From Chaos: How Oxfam Developed & Successfully Maintained In-House Telefundraising During Covid
Speakers: Alex Mackain-Bremner
Alex shares insights on how to set up an in-house telefundraising function, by demonstrating the challenges that existed when he pivoted Oxfam’s F2F programme to TM during Covid, and the significant opportunities this presented.

Insights into Faithful Donors
Speakers: Irshad Osman, Lori Guenther Reesor & Ann Rosenfield
Did you know that Muslims donate over 1B pounds a year to charity? Do you know the surprisingly way to find Jewish donors in your database? Do you know why Christian donors may be good legacy prospects? In this information packed session, you will learn more about how to succeed working with donors from the 3 Abrahamic faiths from a trio of fundraisers with deep knowledge of both faith and philanthropy.

Match Funding to Multiply Impact
Speakers: Sahil Shah & Beth Duxbury-Campbell
Big Give runs match funding campaigns for charities and special causes at key moments across the year. By connecting charities to funders (like philanthropists, foundations or corporates) and the public, we help them double their donations. And, in doing so, make an extraordinary difference to the world’s biggest challenges.

How to boost supporter engagement and delight donors with innovative fundraising technology
Speaker: Tom Presland
The Third Sector has been incredibly resilient these past few years given great uncertainty. An increasingly cashless society paired with economic difficulties across the UK, has meant face to face giving has suffered. Charities have adapted to survive by providing a range of inclusive giving solutions such as contactless donation devices, like the Donation Station. But is this enough to cope with an uncertain future? How can Third Sector organisations sustain and grow support for their cause in the next 5 years through innovation? The question is no longer ‘do we need contactless?’ but ‘how can we gain more from it?’ The future lies in supporter relationships. So, in this session, we will discuss why you need to revolutionise your donation collection through ideas such as digital customisation, data capture and experiential giving in order to grow revenue and get a healthy return on investment.

More is More – Growing Your Individual Giving Digital Product Portfolio
Speaker: Eoghan Beecher
Charities often produce an online donation page that suits all supporters, but asking engaged supporters to go through an entire first time donor process every time they wish to support can be impersonal, and create friction which leads to a poorer supporter experience. Understanding your audience and how they engage with you will indicate different experience and different expectations of what a excellent supporter experience is, which will indicate that different supporters benefit from products designed for them. From simply streamlining a second gift ask, to creating complex value exchange products, fundraising in a way that boosts relationships with donors will drive more revenue and result in a loyal supporter base. Understanding what a product is, or can be, is vital for this!

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Designing & Implementing Supporter Journeys
Craig Linton
Every fundraiser wants to create great journeys and experiences for supporters. Yet, despite fundraiser’s best efforts many journeys fail before they even start. Craig will share common reasons for failure and how you can overcome them. As well as revealing the mistakes to avoid, he’ll share practical examples and tips from his work with the Supporter Experience Collective. Over the last four years they’ve helped and trained hundreds of fundraisers to design and implement better journeys and experiences.

Launch a Memory – Innovation for Acquisition, Conversion and Retention of donors
Speaker: Lauren Poole
Lauren will talk through the journey the RNLI has been on with the flagship In Memory Campaign Launch a Memory. From inception, internal buy in, supporter engagement and onward journey and events, how this product has paved the way for In memory memorial ‘products’ in the sector, and brought in thousands of new donors to the RNLI. Focusing heavily on digital acquisition, online onward journeys and supporter engagement. Showcasing how testing and learning has been pivotal to each and every campaign, and the ability to adapt and innovate has allowed new focus’ for the campaign to evolve.

Small tweaks of the dial: using the phone to elevate supporter experience and improve campaign efficiency
Speaker: Abena Bentum & Leigh Hesketh
From Upgrade and Reactivation calls to the humble Thank You call; the phone has always been a great way to engage with supporters. In this session we’ll take you through how we’re using calling in our regular giving stewardship journey and what impact it is having. Stewardship is at the heart of our committed giving programme and over time we’ve grown and sustained the GOSH Charity regular giving donor base to over 250k people!

Entering the AI era!
Speaker: Joel Mills
This session will introduce delegates to the world of generative AI (ChatGPT, Bing, Bard and Claude). You will learn how generative AI can be leveraged through text-prompting to deliver efficiencies, enhancements and productivity predominantly in the education market.
You will learn how students and staff can leverage AI to support their academic development and prepare students for an AI driven world in their employment.
As an advisor to the government think-tank on AI use and the BPP group lead for AI in learning and teaching Joel Mills is well placed to highlight the potential and pitfalls in this fast-paced and evolving world of AI.

Optimise your online donation experience
Martin Gill & Alex Mellor
Are you finding it hard to hit your fundraising targets? Would you like your online donor revenue to grow next year despite the cost of living and cost of marketing crises?
If so, join Martin and Alex as we share case studies and insights to help you measurably improve your results. We’ll cover 5 tried and tested ways to enhance your donor experience cost-effectively. We’ll also run through 4 essential checks for your year-end giving campaign.

10 Charity Campaigns to Inspire You
Speaker: Oli Beldham
In this session, JustGiving will cover how to create engaging and impactful Campaign Pages and talk you through real examples from charities using the best tips and tricks to make their campaigns stand out from the crowd.
Join us to learn:
– The benefit of using all the tools in your Campaign Page toolbox.
– Different ways to share and communicate these pages with your supporters.
– Plenty of transferable tips to apply to your own charity’s appeals … and more!
Leave the session feeling inspired to change up your campaigns for the better.

More, More, More: Using data to predict, personalise and uplift donors’ gifts and convert one-off donors to regular givers.
Speaker: Muna Hussen
In Raisely’s session, we will show you how to unlock sustainable giving by converting Donors into Regular Givers.
Despite the continued pressure on the public due to the cost of living, organisations can adapt their fundraising strategies to build lasting relationships with donors.
This session is designed to empower fundraisers with practical insights and strategies to transform one-off cash donors into committed, recurring supporters.

How to Find New Donors: Panel Q&A with UK Charities
Speakers: Caoileann Appleby, Tiwa Odukoya & Oscar Lester
This quick-moving panel will chat and share insights on how different organisations have found success with donor recruitment. From small orgs to large, online and offline – there’ll be a take-home tip for everyone.
Key learnings from this panel:
– Caoileann: the current challenges in offline channels and some ideas for how to tackle them
– Tiwa: insights from using gaming and peer-to-peer to reach new donors
– Oscar: successes and challenges of donor recruitment on social and email (with limited resources)

An integrated campaign masterclass: Great Ormond Street’s Build It. Beat It. campaign
Amy Hutchings & Chloe Shields
With a target of £300m, Build it. Beat it. is Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (and possibly the sector’s) biggest capital appeal. Now in the thick of its public fundraising phase, the campaign will run for five years, helping the charity raise enough to build a world leading new children’s cancer centre, change the face of the world’s leading children’s hospital, and save more young lives. So how does a campaign of this magnitude come together? Where do you start? And how do you ensure so many different teams, channels and products all build towards the same goal?


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