A Reflection on Fundraising in 2020

This article by Simon Scriver first appeared in the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand magazine. At one point or another this year I think I’ve questioned everything we do. Being a fundraiser is hard enough as it is. I’ve questioned why we came in to 2020 with higher targets and a lower budget…still reporting to […]

A Chat With The Whiny Donor

Simon here. I love the Whiny Donor. A prolific tweeter who has dabbled in blogging, The Whiny Donor is an essential follow for any fundraiser. I firmly believe charities should learn from each other – why should we all have to make the same mistakes? I learn loads from what The Whiny Donor shares and I constantly aspire […]

4 Ways To Stop Supporters Unsubscribing

You know that feeling? When you write to your mailing list and someone unsubscribes? Your stomach turns, your eyes water up, and for a brief moment you consider e-mailing them to ask, “Why don’t you love me anymore?” But remember, good fundraising isn’t about making everyone care about you…it’s about caring for the few that […]

Some Of The Most Important Things In #Fundraising Don’t Feel Like Fundraising

You’d be forgiven for thinking that fundraising is all about asking for money. But a good fundraiser knows that that’s actually only a small part of the job. The real time consuming stuff, and the really important stuff, is the things that happen before and after the asks. In fact, if you get really good […]

Some Basic Recording Equipment Recommendations…

These are some of the recommendations we send to our event speakers. But we thought that now more and more of us are doing video calls these might be helpful to everyone! Make sure you have the following: A laptop or desktop with a webcam and mic and recent version of Chrome or Firefox. If […]

The Fundraising Everywhere Fund

Today we’re launching the Fundraising Everywhere Fund. We always try to price our training and events at a level that anyone can access them. For €5 a week to access everything we feel that your organisation will understand that this is a bargain investment in your professional development. For those whose organisations don’t see the […]

The Donor Survey Clinic (for Tiny Tickers and The Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund)

Please note: this is for a yet-to-be-scheduled virtual training session that will be broadcast on FundraisingEverywhere.com at a later date. However, your purchase and donation of €5 will be processed immediately and put straight to good use. We’re going to be following a small charity (Tiny Tickers) as they launch a donor survey from scratch, […]

How to Run an Online Virtual Conference

Expert advice from the charity sector’s virtual summit provider, Fundraising Everywhere. As the world tries to control the spread of Coronavirus, many countries have identified large public gatherings as an unnecessary risk. This caution, and the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next, has left event organisers with difficult decisions. Google, Facebook, SXSW, IBM […]

How to Make a Thank You Call

Last week we ran a member’s-only Fundraising Clinic with some really interesting questions and ideas. One question was around what you should say on a thank you call, and how you teach non-fundraiser volunteers how to make them. For this week’s Fundraising EveryWeek we thought we’d share some of our answer with you. We don’t […]