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Have you ever felt ‘tech shame’?

It’s that feeling when you’re using a new or complicated digital tool or device and you just can’t figure it out.

And with so many other things to work on, you don’t have the time to really get stuck into it to work it out.

So you leave it until another time.

But then you feel guilty.

You think, ‘everyone else in the sector is racing ahead in the sector by using digital but I can’t seem to keep up‘.

But you’re not alone.

88% of fundraisers rated themselves as ‘low confidence’ when it comes to online fundraising; and with the weekly launches, updates, and even shut-downs, it can be hard to know where to invest your time and money – and how to use them to their full potential.

At FundraisingTech we demystify tech so you have the knowledge, and power, to make the right decisions and use the right tools at your charity.

You’ll have direct access to the people behind some of the sector’s top digital tools to ask your questions and hear how charities are engaging with donors, remaining compliant, and raising millions.

No jargon.

No big budgets and teams necessary.

Just simple steps you can take to feel more confident with the tools you’re using and highlight what you need to use next.

You will learn:

  • What online fundraising tools are available and how to use them
  • How charities are adapting digital tools to their audiences and the process to follow to do the same
  • Behind-the-scenes case studies from some of the most successful online fundraising campaigns
  • Which CRM is right for you and how to set up or switch with as little stress as possible

And because we know you’re busy, all sessions can be watched live or on-demand in your own time until December 31st (or for an unlimited time if you join as a Member).

All Fundraising Everywhere events are subtitled and held online on the Everywhere+ virtual event platform.You’ll receive a bonus digital delegate bag and live attendees can access our online networking room to meet other attendees.

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The Human Stack – Tired of Bad Data? Focus On Feelings, Not Features
Speaker: Tim Lockie, The Human Stack
Ever wonder why some organizations rave about their technology, and others feel in a constant state of SOS? If you are using today’s modern tools and are not feeling optimistic about your technology, chances are, it’s not the technology that got you there. Human emotions, expectations, and experiences significantly impact nonprofits’ use of the technology they have, for better or for worse. Technology is innately human; after all, humans built every (mega)bit of it. Therefore, when implementing and using these technologies, we must remember to pay as much attention to the human element as the tech itself. This session evaluates how human aspects like emotions, expectations, and experience affect a nonprofit’s technology engagement from implementation to everyday operations and how behavior changes can create better outcomes.

Beyond the Like Button: Cracking the £1 million code with Dementia UK’s Facebook fundraising strategy
Jill O’Herlihy, GivePanel; Lucy Brown & Lucy Canning, Dementia UK
In our post-pandemic world, does Facebook fundraising still have the potential to revolutionise nonprofit fundraising and become a key pillar in your digital strategy?
Dementia UK sure thinks so and, by partnering with GivePanel and investing in their team, have truly harnessed the power of social media and crafted a robust fundraising approach that is both impactful and sustainable. Tune in as GivePanel’s Head of Customer Success, Jill O’Herlihy, engages in an insightful conversation with Dementia UK trailblazers, Virtual Events Manager, Lucy Brown, and Virtual Events Executive, Lucy Canning, to discover how they built and scaled a Facebook Challenge programme that is now an integral pillar in their long-term digital fundraising roadmap. Get ready to elevate your fundraising game and incorporate innovation into your approach – because in this digital age, success isn’t just measured in likes, but in £1 million milestones.

Becoming confident with contactless giving
Speaker: Jordyn Baillie, JustGiving
QR codes, NFC tags, portable donation devices… With so many contactless giving options available to charities, it can at times feel a bit overwhelming. In this session, you’ll be joined by the experts at JustGiving and LibertyPay to give you the confidence to get started with contactless giving.

CharityBI: automate admin, centralise data and save loads of time!
Speaker: Sean Donnelly, CharityBI
CharityBI is the brand new platform that automatically imports and standardises your supporter data from platforms like JustGiving, CAF and Enthuse, so you can get data into your CRM quickly and easily.
Stop spending hours of staff time manually downloading, de-duplicating, cleaning and uploading… None of us should be doing that in 2023!
Join Co-Founder Sean Donnelly for a whistle-stop tour of CharityBI. You’ll hear case studies from charities that are using CharityBI’s integrations with JustGiving, Enthuse, Stripe, Mailchimp, CAF and more.
CharityBI is helping charities save loads of time, centralise their supporter data, build data confidence, reduce costly human errors and ultimately deliver brilliant supporter experiences.


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