I Wish I'd Thought of That: Corporate Partnerships Edition


Hosted by Nikki Bell, Amy, Libby, and Emma discuss ideas for corporate partnerships.

More about Amy’s Segment:

Continuing her obsession with the rise of purposeful brands, Amy will share the idea she wishes she had thought of, and why the rise of purpose led brands could be a huge opportunity for non profits. Key learnings: Why the sector is talking about purposeful brands; why this is a threat and opportunity for the non profit sector; and what they can do about it in their fundraising.

More about Libby’s segment:

A look into a strategic charity/corporate partnership with inspirational shared purpose, impact and longevity!

More about Emma’s segment:

In 2010 Samaritans began working with Network Rail with the aim of preventing rail suicides and supporting those affected by them. This is the charity partnership I wish I’d have thought of.


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