Looking Back, Moving Forward: Fundraising lessons from 2021



As fundraisers, it’s tough to stop and assess where you’ve been so you can better plan for what’s to come. But how can we inspire our teams and board to go after the activities that work if we’re not sure what’s working?

November’s conference reflects on the top fundraising activities from 2021 and what it teaches about what’s next in our sector.

Sessions include:

  • What we’ve learned about audience, marketing, and challenge events fundraising in 2021 (Massive and Blackbaud)
  • Creating connections and opportunity through social enterprise (British Red Cross staff and volunteers)
  • Using big media moments to amplify your message (Friends of the Earth)
  • Accelerating digital growth in Covid (Forward Action)
  • Internal culture and bullying: how to create change (Not Just NCVO)
  • What actually happened in the return to in-person events (London Marathon, CIoF and charity guest)
  • Using FB fundraising groups for long-term support (Helen Alderson)

Plus an on-demand library of our top webinars from all conferences in 2021.

The event will be subtitled using automated subtitles. Give us a shout if we can do more to make your learning experience more inclusive.



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