Collette Philip runs award-winning brand and strategy consultancy, Brand By Me, helping organisations tackle inequity and drive social justice through brand strategy. She has worked with, on and for a breadth of amazing brands for over 20 years - from household names to amazing charities.

It was her love of brand and strategy and her passion for social justice that led her to set up Brand by Me in 2016. With clients like Wellcome Trust, Womankind, Santander and Plan International UK, Brand by Me unlock the power of brand strategy to drive change. Right now, Brand by Me is helping charities, corporates and changemakers build anti-racism into their brands and tackle systemic racism head on.

Collette is also a celebrated speaker and writer and has been featured on BBC, Huffington Post, Forbes and Third Sector magazine talking about everything from business to branding to anti-racism. Brand by Me were recently awarded 'Small Business of 2021' by Lloyds Bank.