Individual Giving Virtual Summit 2021



The Individual Giving Virtual Summit is back!

An online gathering of agencies, consultants and practitioners sharing their passion for the craft of communicating and fundraising to individual donors.

It will be a day filled with practical knowledge, case studies and ideas. Some of the sessions will be focused on direct mail, having multi-channel conversations with donors, how to build a programme from scratch using digital, starting with a great case, how the donor brain works and what you need to know about it to fundraise smarter, legacy giving, and so much more.

The summit will be targeted toward fundraisers who work in annual giving, individual giving, direct response and communications.

The Individual Giving Summit will take place on Wednesday 27th October 2021.






Donor-sized direct mail: proven principles for success no matter what the budget Caoileann Appleby
Direct mail is one of our favourite ways to communicate with supporters and raise a shedload of money. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. In this session, you’ll learn Ask Direct’s top four principles for a successful direct mail campaign – with real-life research and examples from a range of causes, so you can plan your amazing appeal.


Tips for Fundraising Success in Small and Mighty Shops Alice Ferris
For small teams, it can sometimes feel like you’re on a never-ceasing hamster wheel—constantly dealing with the day-to-day demands and seemingly making little progress. But any organization and any size staff can find ways to make your fundraising program more effective. In this session, we’ll face the challenges of a small shop and provide practical tips on doing more with less.


Supporter Experience – the theory and the practice! Lesley Pinder & Ami O’Neill
In this session Lesley and Ami will share the approach to Supporter Experience at the British Red Cross and the impact it has made in practice to their fundraising. Lesley will talk a bit about their strategy and vision for experience, while Ami will go in to the detail of how focussing on experience in practice has helped them to transform one of their biggest fundraising programmes. Hopefully providing you with some inspiration and evidence for putting humans and experience front a centre in your fundraising.


Five Tips to Secure Fundraising Investment Craig Linton
Need to convince your boss or board to invest in fundraising? In this session, Craig will share five key principles that you can follow to help secure that elusive investment.

Hear how Craig has secured significant investments for small and large charities and learn from the mistakes he’s made along the way. All delegates will receive a free infographic with the key points and a download of a comprehensive guide to securing fundraising investment.


Purpose for Profit Amy Hutchings
If your supporters can change the world with the goods they buy, why should they give to your organisation?

Purposeful brands reliably outperform the market. There is a financial incentive for brands to invest in purpose, and in the minds of the consumer there is little difference between a brand ‘doing good’ and a charity. If they can help save the rainforest by buying the right laundry detergent brand, is there a need for me to donate to charity?

Amy will talk about the rise of purposeful brands, the threat this poses to our sector, and how we can compete in a world where everyone is doing good.


Refuge’s Digital Revolution Louise Firth & Paul de Gregorio
Refuge saw extraordinary growth in their digital fundraising returns in 2020. Online income grew from just over £700,000 in 2019/20 to £5.2 Million in 2020/21. While the catalyst may have been the pandemic and a generous public. Success was driven by ambitious leadership, brilliance at the basics, collaboration between teams and amazing partnerships.

In this session you will hear the inside story of this success. From the strategy, to actual results, to the key principles you can take away and put into place at your charity.


Gift Aid and Online Giving: How to maximise your reclaim rates Oliver Shaw-Latimer & Haya Barlas
Join JustGiving’s Oliver Shaw-Latimer and Haya Barlas in this practical session about all things Gift Aid when it comes to online giving. Haya will be quizzing Oliver on the highs and lows of processing millions of pounds worth of Gift Aid on the fundraising platform, and the online optimisations he and his team have implemented over the years that have significantly streamlined and boosted Gift Aid reclaim on behalf of thousands of charities. He’ll share top tips that any charity can take away, whichever system they use, and share some of the exciting things JustGiving has ahead to grow charities’ Gift Aid income.


Know your audience! Collette Philip
Collette will share her best tips and insights for understanding your audience and engaging with them in the right way. She will also cover the importance of aligning your audience with your values (so they get who you are and what you stand for).


Falling back in love with wonderful one-off givers Derek Humphries
Regular giving is the holy grail of fundraising, right? Well, maybe. While ‘committed giving’ clearly meets an organisational need, what if it doesn’t meet the needs of your supporters and potential supporters? We asked this question having witnessed changing patterns in how the public was responding to TV appeals. In this swift session we’ll give you a whistle-stop tour of the research we commissioned to find out more, and what that research might mean for how you fundraise.


Voices & Vulnerability in Creative Storytelling Jen Love & John Lepp
Join us to hear about lessons in creative storytelling since the start of the pandemic. We’ll share an impactful–and wildly successful–case study and pick apart the project so you can see how it came together and what we learned. You’ll leave with inspiration and ideas to bring more emotional voices and vulnerable storytelling to your next project!


How to consistently start building your individual giving file Niduk D’Souza
One of the greatest struggles charities and NGOs contend with is building a file of regular, monthly donors. In this session, you will walk away with a simple tactic to get on track to on-boarding new monthly donors.


Changing the public perception of refugees through paid social – how the IFRC activated the “Moveable Middle” to change minds and hearts across Europe Eva Mueller & Corrie Butler
With SOCIAL SOCIAL, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) funded by ECHO, reached millions of young, politically neutral and open minded Europeans across 6 markets, to share powerful stories of the authentic lived experience of refugees in Turkey.

We analysed social media audiences to identify the best prospects for positive political perception change, then paired beneficiaries directly with influencers from across Europe to create video content that sparked a conversation.

We’ll show you how we delivered a phased paid social, influencer and press playout we reached then engaged millions of people, and created positive, lasting change; and we won’t shy away from the challenges we faced, including tips on how you could overcome them.


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