Charity Leadership Festival 2022



If you’re a leader that wants a better future for our sector, join Fundraising Everywhere’s Leadership Fest on May 24th.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader looking to refresh your skills or a future leader looking to develop in your career, this is the event for you.

Our guest experts will be sharing everything they know across four virtual tents including strategies for building inclusive teams that want to stay, innovation, wellbeing, and professional development.

You will learn skills to improve culture and wellbeing including sessions on:

  • How to recruit and retain talented staff in a competitive market
  • What good leadership looks like and how you can build your confidence in this area
  • Key skills for making important strategy decisions including data, innovation, and prioritisation

And because we know you’re busy, all sessions can be watched live or on-demand in your own time until June 24th (or for an unlimited time if you join as a Member).

All Fundraising Everywhere events are subtitled and held online on the Everywhere+ virtual event platform. You’ll receive a bonus digital delegate bag and live attendees can access our online networking room to meet other attendees.

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Sessions include:

Love Your Work? OK, but Know Your Worth!
Rodney Lopez
Nonprofit leaders devote much of their time and energy to the organizations where they work. Often, those who work for charitable organizations are expected to devote outsized effort to their missions for less pay than their for-profit counterparts, all in the name of “the cause.” While there is a long-standing debate about whether or not non-profit compensation rates are fair and equitable, what is becoming increasingly clearer is that those of us in the social sector need to place a high value on our contributions to our organizations and communities. In this session, we’ll examine the what it means to truly know your worth – and prioritize your wellbeing in a field that can ask so much of us.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Leader
Joe Jenkins
It’s oft-said that it can be lonely at the top. And when you’re working most of your time at home, leading through a screen, that sense of isolation can be even greater. This session explores Joe’s experiences in senior leadership over the past 12 years, reflecting on the importance of self-care, safe spaces, networks and peer groups – how leading with courage and vulnerability reveals loneliness at the top to be a choice not an inevitability.

How Insights Discovery has helped us be better leaders and team mates
Sally Falvey
Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool, which uses a four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviours. Find out how Stacey and Sally from JustGiving have used this tool to become better leaders and colleagues. They’ll both share the colours they lead with, how that’s helped shape their team dynamic and improved their collaboration.

Preventing Burnout and Promoting Staff Satifaction and Retention
Speaker: Madison Gonzalez
Non-profits experience one of the highest turnover rates in any industry! In this webinar non-profit Executive Madison Gonzalez, will break down practical tips and reminders on what it takes to foster a positive environment for employees amongst the stress – not just during busy season, but every day. Non-profit burnout is a real phenomenon that impacts our impacts, missions, and organizations but with the right tools, we can tackle the overwhelm and keep a people-first culture!

Having difficult conversations in the workplace
Helen Hall
One of the most challenging parts of managing people is being able to initiate conversations around sensitive topics. Managers who avoid difficult conversations risk undermining their own position and potentially losing credibility with their team. Being able to tackle contentious issues in a balanced, calm and consistent way is a valued skill which can help promote productivity, employee engagement and a better managed workforce.

Breaking down silos
Kathryn Holloway
We’re all familiar with the frustration of siloed working. But how do you go about breaking them down? We’ve worked on this a lot at Friends of the Earth over the last few years. I will give you my top tips for breaking down silos to help you create a more integrated organisation, more effective working and a more fulfilling experience for you and your colleagues.

Prioritising what’s important and keeping people motivated
 Paul Amadi
Tough decisions and tough moments are common in leadership. In this session, Paul will share insights from the British Red Cross’ internal activities and how taking time as a team to work on the job helps keep people motivated in the job.

Jumping into Uncharted Territories – How to successfully get leadership to back you
Janine Chandler
This session is designed for Heads and Directors who want to make a winning case for innovation and transformation to their Executive and Trustees. Charities are notoriously risk averse – I get it – scrutiny is important, we often have limited resources and our reputations matter. But as supporters, tech and landscape changes, so must we. This session explores how you win the hearts and minds of your Executive Team and Trustees by using data, insights and story telling.

How to Be More Pirate
 Alex Barker
Forget everything you think you know about pirates. Painted as rogues and villains by history (and Disney), they were in fact the social revolutionaries of the 1700s. They didn’t just break all the rules, they rewrote them entirely and pioneered some radically progressive new ideas. Be More Pirate is a book, philosophy and global network that helps individuals and organisations apply pirate tactics and tools to update outdated rules, norms, practices and processes.

Leading With Trust – How to do it well and why it matters
Speaker: Nikki Wrench
In this session Nikki talks about how inspired she is by the leadership team at the RNLI and how being trusted has motivated her to be the best fundraiser that she can be. Nikki will discuss how this trust is extended to all members of the ‘crew’, whether it be staff or volunteers, and why she thinks that this plays a huge part in the charities success.

Feminist Leadership – the whats, whys and hows of leading well under patriarchy
Rachel Stephenson SheffEmily Collins-Ellis
Regardless of your gender, patriarchy affects how you exist in the workplace, how you move through the weird and wonderful world of charity, and definitely how you lead. As advisors who work with leaders of charities, foundations and businesses from the UK and abroad, and leaders who are fresh off an 18 month leadership transition (during a pandemic), Emily and Rachel have a lot of experience when it comes to applying feminist values and frameworks to the complex world of leadership. This session will bring these concepts to life with honesty, humour, and optimism. Come along to learn how you can be a feminist leader.

Flat leadership: what is it & what does it mean?
Meredith Niles & Meg Karlshoej-Pedersen
When asked what makes a great place to work, ‘flat leadership’ is often mentioned. But what does this mean, and how can we bring more trust and autonomy into our decision-making? In this quick Q&A, Nikki chats with Meredith and Megan, flat leadership leaders and alumni, to uncover the opportunities, pitfalls, and actions we need to take to flatten hierarchy (and if it’s even a good thing to do…)


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