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Calling all legacy fundraisers!

We’re hosting a celebration of everything legacy fundraising, bringing together a mix of global experts from the UK and around the world to help you grow your gifts in wills and in-memory income.

If you’re an early-stage legacy fundraiser that wants to learn how to grow your programme or a seasoned professional that wants to innovate in a rapidly changing world, this one is for you.

The future for legacy giving is bright with legacy income forecast to more than double in real terms by 2050. And no longer just to the benefit of the really big charities; legacy giving is growing at the grassroots, with thousands of small and local causes receiving legacy gifts for the first time.

Is your charity ready?

Book your place today and join us in February for a legacy conference that will inspire.

“What a fantastic afternoon – how conferences SHOULD be! I have never had so much content to take away and ideas to think about (after 26 years as a fundraiser that is saying something). Huge THANK YOU to all the speakers and contributors. You are awesome.”

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Room 1

The Future of Legacy Fundraising
Speaker: Ashley Rowthorn, Legacy Futures
Legacy giving is growing around the world. By the middle of this century, gifts in wills will double in the UK and triple in Australia. The much talked about baby boomer generation will lead to a global legacy boom. But as we move through this century, the shape, face and behaviour of the legacy donor will change rapidly as will society at large. Are you prepared for the growth that is coming, and do you properly understand the new generation of legacy donors and how to engage them on their terms?

How to Track and Forecast Your Legacy Income
Speaker: Doug Clow, Legacy Foresight
What do you need to do to track and forecast your income from legacies? Gifts in wills can be a huge part of voluntary income, but they work very differently to other fundraising. This session will explore what charities need to keep an eye on to track their legacy income in the short, medium and long term – and what they can do to forecast it. Doug is Head of Analysis at Legacy Foresight, and will be bringing advice from their long track record of helping charities benchmark and forecast their legacy income.

Live Forever: Innovations in Memorialisation
Speakers: Emily Grint, Legacy Voice & Tracy Jones, Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice
Legacy and in-memory fundraisers are always looking for new ways to acknowledge the people who have left a Gift in their Will or been remembered with a donation. But the way we remember and memorialise people is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. New innovations in technology are rapidly changing the way we pay tribute to the people who have come before us, ensuring their names live on forever. In this session, we’ll look outside the sector to see how loved ones are already being remembered and what might be just around the corner. We’ll also take a detailed look at one children’s hospice in Wales who is already pushing the boundaries with their innovative project, These Names Will Be Forever In Our Skies.

How to Build Confidence and Relationships for Legacy Conversion
Speaker: James Reid, Royal British Legion
The power of legacies or gifts in Wills income is massive. Charity gifts in Wills income is expected to be worth £6bn by 2050. But with ever increasing pressure to achieve in year results and income right now, how can you build confidence and relationships in the brilliant work that we do as Legacy Fundraisers?

Legacy and In-Memory Giving: How to Work Together Better
Speaker: Claire Routley, Legacy Voice

Accessibility and Inclusion in Legacy Marketing
Speakers: Jake O’Dywer, Stonewall & Laura Jacques, NSPCC
This session delves into the importance of thinking about accessibility and inclusion in your legacy fundraising marketing.


Room 2

Distilling Supporter Insights to Shape Your Legacy Proposition
Speaker: Jaz Nannar, Jaz Nannar Consulting Ltd
In this session, you’ll find learn more about:
– asking the right questions of your charity – what’s the point of us? Will it be the same in years to come? What’s our direction of travel? What do all the strategies, statements, vision and values mean for the future?
– asking the right questions of people who care enough to consider leaving a legacy to your charity. What matters to them? Who to ask, what to ask and, more importantly, how to listen.
– broad themes that emerge from working across causes and charities when supporters are considering a gift in their will.
– finding the overlap between what matters to your charity and what matters to people who will leave you a gift in their will – and building your legacy proposition.
– building messages that support your legacy proposition.

Beyond Bequests: A Roadmap to Developing Inspiring Legacy Supporter Journeys
Speaker: Juliet Hinton-Smith, Scope
In this session, Juliet will take you through the steps needed to create robust and inspiring supporter journeys for your legacy prospects and pledgers. This session unveils a comprehensive roadmap to elevate your approach to legacy supporter engagement and create experiences that resonate deeply with your supporters. Leave the session equipped with actionable insights, ready to implement legacy supporter journeys that will inspire, engage, and leave a lasting legacy for both your supporters and your cause.

How to Grow Your Legacy Pipeline
Stuart McCoy, DM Insight
Understand the role of data insight in identifying the behaviours, trends, preferences and profiles of your very best legacy prospects. In this session we will show you how to build effective, audience-led legacy fundraising strategies, exploring how leveraging data-driven approaches and a deep understanding of those who support you can significantly impact your organisation’s long-term success.

What Happens in the Room? Solicitors and Legacy Fundraising Panel
Speakers: Gaynor Lanceley, Shakespeare Martineau; Hazara Patel, Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors; Sharon Comfort, Legacy Voice & Robert Jobson, Gardner Leader
This session explains what happens when a donor first visits a solicitor to make their will. It covers the content of the meeting and explains key points to support charities asking for, and receiving, gifts in wills. It also covers donor stewardship opportunities too!

Legacy and Place Fundraising: The Power of Nostalgia and Memories
Speakers: Viet-Anh Hua, LSE & Mark Allwood, National Trust
We know that there is a strong link between the places that matter to people and the memories that are important to them. And we know that memories are a key driver of legacy giving. In this session, Mark from National Trust and Viet-Anh from LSE will reflect on using the power of place in their legacy fundraising, both when encouraging people to consider a gift and in building relationships with loved ones.


Delegate Bag: Bonus Sessions

Death, Grief and Legacy Giving: Working with Widowed Donors
Speaker: Holly Wagg, Good Works
This session is all about working with widows/widowers. It will provide practical tips to help guide planned giving professionals in their work and conversations with widowed donors. It’s about talking about death, becoming comfortable with it, and demystifying widowhood by being able to ask a widowed fundraiser all of the questions you never should ask a donor. If you want to be a good fundraiser, and a good human being, these are skills you need to cultivate. This session will provide fundraising professionals with common language and tools to understand the widowed experience, grief and secondary losses.

How To Develop an Effective Legacy Strategy
Speaker: Lucy Lowthian, Legacy Voice
This session has been developed for those who would like to understand how to develop an effective legacy strategy. The session is being run by Dr. Lucy Lowthian who is a Senior Consultant at Legacy Voice and who helps a number of charity clients to develop and implement their legacy strategies. The session will cover the importance of having a legacy strategy and a breakdown of the planning framework. This includes how to conduct an audit, agreeing the vision, mission and strategic pillars, setting objectives, defining tactics and deciding upon the measures that will be used to monitor the strategic plan.


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