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Introducing the BRAND NEW Supporter Experience and Stewardship Conference — the only place you’ll learn how to crack the code to supporter engagement and create memorable experiences!

This virtual event is designed for pros seeking insider tips on crafting winning supporter stewardship strategies or fresh to the SX game and need tips on how to start — you’ll find what you need right here.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Building from Scratch:
    • Discover how to craft a supporter experience strategy from the ground up.
    • Learn actionable steps to initiate impactful supporter engagement initiatives that resonate with your audience.
    • Small budget, big impact tactics.
  • Measuring Success in Supporter Experience:
    • Uncover crucial metrics and indicators for evaluating the success of your supporter engagement efforts.
    • Explore effective tools and methodologies to measure, analyse, and optimise supporter experience outcomes.
    • How to get investment for the things that matter
  • Inspiring Stewardship in Action:
    • Hear real-world examples and case studies showcasing successful stewardship practices.
    • Gain inspiration and concrete ideas to elevate your supporter experience initiatives from proven examples.

Conference Highlights:

  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from seasoned professionals and industry leaders who have successfully implemented impactful supporter experience and stewardship strategies.
  • Best Practices Showcase: Explore a curated collection of successful stewardship programs, gaining inspiration from real-world examples that have driven tangible results.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and build a network of individuals passionate about transforming supporter experiences.

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Room 1: Understanding Supporters

How to hear what your donors are really saying
Speaker: Steven Dodds
Measuring the supporter experience and its impact is tricky. Methods imported from the commercial sector – such as customer satisfaction or NPS – don’t really capture the nuanced supporter/charity relationship, whilst donors don’t always say what them mean or mean what they say on this topic. For example, some will say “I don’t want the charity to waste money thanking me”, and then complain when if it doesn’t happen… This session will examine the measurement challenge, helping fundraisers understand what to measure and how.

What does it take to be customer centric
Abdul Khaled & Anne Leiper
Join us for an illuminating session as we delve into the essential elements of building a truly customer-centric organization. This session will equip you with invaluable insights and practical strategies gleaned from both within and outside your sector. Throughout the session, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of the key pillars necessary for achieving customer centricity. From understanding customer needs to fostering trust and loyalty, from optimizing employee experience to embracing continuous improvement, we’ll uncover actionable steps and best practices to guide your organization towards customer-centric excellence. You’ll learn how to identify and prioritize customer needs, nurture advocates, and overcome challenges and resistance along the way.

Deepening relationships and boosting giving through supporter journeys & engagement actions
Speaker: Claire Donner, more onion
Boost short and long-term giving by building meaningful, long-term relationships you’re your supporters. How? Personalised, step by step journeys and engaging actions. Mobilisation agency ‘more onion’s Claire Donner will share lessons gleaned from almost a decade of designing and implementing supporter journeys and engagement actions with charities. She’ll share case studies and practical tips that will leave you brimming with ideas. Take your supporters’ experience to the next level with strategies and tactics that work for any budget.

Measuring Supporter Experience – A quantitative and qualitative approach
Kayleigh Philps & Sally Dixon
This talk will take you through two key measures of supporter experience; the Customer Engagement Score, and Customer Loyalty Survey. Kayleigh, the Insight Analyst, will talk through the Engagement Model she has been instrumental in creating. She’ll talk through the logic behind this quantitative representation of engagement, how the score is calculated and across which broad measures, and finally the application of such a score, and how it can be used to measure supporter experience. Sally, the Customer Research Manager, will share details of the Loyalty Survey; practically how this was conducted by a small but mighty Research team, brief insight into the results, and how this has also fed into better understanding supporters so the organisation can provide them with a better supporter experience.

Ethical Conversations: Why the Donor Shouldn’t Always Be Right
Speaker: Michelle Shireen Muri
The debates over what is ethical and what is effective rages on in our sector, with too many of us attached to a “side” and too few of us building our own analysis. In this session for inquisitive fundraisers, we’ll explore some of the influences that have led to heightened scrutiny around philanthropic harm – from public and horrific misalignments, to our daily practices. We’ll explore five factors of how philanthropy can cause harm and touch on how the third sector came to be inequitable, and how we can explore our powerful roles as fundraisers, in changing the conversation.
In this session, you’ll: Examine the unintended (or intended) consequences of traditional fundraising; Observe the impact of these practices on communities, organizations and donors; Learn about the Community-Centric Fundraising Movement; Consider practical strategies for implementing more ethical, community centered approaches. Led by Michelle Shireen Muri, a co-founder of Community Centric Fundraising (CCF) and host of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, this session promises to offer fresh insights and thought provoking prompts for your colleagues. Join us as we reshape the future of fundraising!


Room 2: Creating Change

What the supporter experience revolution looks like – where to start, and what does that look like 2 years later?
Speakers: Sami Hodges & Jenna Allcock
Sami and Jenna will talk you through how they built a supporter experience team from scratch, and what they focus on today. You’ll hear how to meet an organisation where it’s at, tuning into what’s important to leadership and influencing from there to start making meaningful steps to improve journeys and experience. And you’ll hear how to continue championing change, getting buy in to key projects to keep moving in the right direction.

How to make your campaigns stand out in an election year
Speaker: Zoe Amar
2024 is going to be the biggest global election year in history., with more than 60 countries, including the UK, going to the polls. Online spaces are going to get even more crowded. So how can you ensure your charity’s campaigns get traction? And how can you ensure good UX and stewardship during a period of online volatility? Join Zoe Amar as she explains how you can reach donors online and continue to build relationships with current and new supporters amid all the noise.

Transform your Supporter Journeys
Speaker: Gavin McDonald
In this session, we’ll take you through some cutting edge tools that will help you to transform your supporter journeys. Use live data integrations to trigger communications across multiple channels, helping your supporters to get the most from your campaigns.

Breaking barriers to influence change and collaborate
Speaker: Neena Baid
Breaking down barriers to influence and collaborate involves fostering open communication, building trust, and promoting empathy. By embracing diverse perspectives, acknowledging cultural differences, and valuing individual strengths, teams can overcome obstacles to collaboration.

How this small charity survived covid and beyond
Speaker: Annie Perez
Navigating a small community charity towards a more connected and sustainable future was both terrifying and exhilarating. The adrenalin pumped and I’d be doing prospect research and writing grants. As the charity’s fundraising Lead I also needed to think about internal fundraising.

Talking to Trustee about Supporter Experience – Success Stories
Speaker: Andy King, Fireside Fundraising & Manni Kuthiala
In this session, join two of the trustees from Raising Futures Kenya as they talk you through their six year journey on supporter experience – particularly looking at the ‘penny drop moment’ that each trustee came on board.


Room 3: Strategy

Supporter needs vs organisation structure – what we learned about designing supporter journeys
Speaker: Katie Mitchell, Mind
A well designed supporter journey is at the heart of delivering great supporter experience. But our organisations aren’t always set up to help us create journeys that are driven by supporter needs. In this session you’ll here about Mind’s supporter journey mapping programme, a piece of work we started out on in 2022. We’ll share some tools and templates that we used to help us, what we’ve learned about working together along the way and what that means for what we do next.

Starting from scratch: Data, Priorities and Easy wins
Speaker: Nikki Lamb & Michelle Williams, Creativity Unbound
In this session, Nikki and Michelle will give you a practical guide that will help you take the first steps on your organisation’s journey of investing in supporter experience. You’ll hear some simple steps to get you started and advice on where to focus your time and effort to uncover some easy wins and demonstrate the value of supporter experience to your organisation.

What supporter experience really means for your organisation
Rachael Franklin, Joe Jenkins, Lesley Pinder & Camille St Omer Donaldson
Description coming soon…

Mastering the Art of Donor Engagement: Captivate donors through strategic touch points and create lasting connections
Speaker: Jamila Daley
Delve into the world of donor touch points, the essential interactions and communication channels that charities employ to connect with their donors. Explore the effective strategies employed by successful fundraisers, with real-world examples of impactful touch points. This course will provide you with invaluable insights and inspiration to enhance your donor engagement strategies and foster enduring relationships.

Customer Experience Maturity: From Beginner to Best-in-Class
Speakers: David Amos-Reeves & Anna Hessenbruch
In this session, Anna and David will take you their journey developing a customer experience maturity model to help an organisation articulate how they are performing in this important approach. Taking inspiration from established maturity models, you will see some of the key elements of Customer Experience maturity more clearly articulated, with a practical example of how it is being used to inform decisions and change perspectives.

Ready? Let’s go: journey mapping and other practical tools to help you launch your plan
Craig Linton
Craig will share some of the Supporter Experience Collective’s tools and tips to take your journeys from paper into the real world. Using examples from clients and our research, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to make your plan a reality. We’ll look at mapping, stakeholder engagement, prioritisation and other tools that can help you.

Bonus Sessions

Making Magic Happen – Lessons from SOFII
Speakers: Sami Hodges, Natasha Evans & Lynda Harwood-Compton
Join Sami, Lynda and Tash as they discuss tips, ideas and examples taken from the wealth of best practice shared on SOFII’s inspiring website.


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