Small Charity Virtual Conference



The big virtual conference for small charity legends!

If you’re a small charity employee that wants ideas and networks specific to your charity size and resource, this event is for you.

Small Charity Legends is a celebration and showcase of the brilliant ways small charities are achieving their goals with innovation, prioritising resource, and maximising opportunities; designed to give you the networks and how-tos you need to deliver your 2022 and beyond goals.

You will learn:

  • How to use digital tools and social media to maximise reach and engagement without adding to workload
  • How the pandemic has affected small charity fundraising and what you need to do now
  • How to utilise partnerships and relationships to widen your reach and increase your impact

All Fundraising Everywhere events are subtitled and held online on the Everywhere+ virtual event platform. You’ll receive a bonus digital delegate bag and live attendees can access our online networking room to meet other attendees.

And because we know you’re busy, all sessions can be watched live or on-demand in your own time until July 23rd (or for an unlimited time if you join as a Member).



Sessions include:

Ensuring first year success
Lindsay White
Starting a new charity can be both exciting and scary. How will you attract the right board or volunteers? How will you ensure successful funding? What gaps are you filling? and most importantly how will you keep yourself motivated and quite frankly, sane, through the ups and downs of the first year? Community Supporters is reaching this first years milestone this month (June 2022) and want to share some first hand experiences of what the last 12 months has brought

Shifting the power to the people you exist for
Vic Hancock Fell & Mary Mwangi
We have a responsibility to ensure that we recognise and respect the power of the people we exist for. In the context of our work at Raising Futures Kenya, as a White/Western led INGO, we have a responsibility to acknowledge and minimise our power in this space both as individuals and as an organisation. In recent years we have taken steps to address power imbalances at Raising Futures Kenya. In this 20-minute webinar we take a look at the concept of ‘shift the power’, and why it is so important for us as socially purposed organisations, especially those working in global solidarity. Vic and Mary will share some honest personal reflections and practical advice from their journey to shift the power, from the last four years.

How to harness the power of volunteers to increase your impact (and how to lead them!)
Hugo Tagholm
Volunteers are crucial for small charity success – but with limited resources and ever-changing volunteer habits, it can be hard to carve out the time to make the most of the opportunities. In this live Q&A, we’ll chat with Hugo Tagholm, Chief Exec of Surfers Against Sewage, to find out how they extend their reach using local volunteers and how they use campaigning, empowerment, and trust to increase their impact. Join us live to have your questions answered!

Making TikTok Manageable!
Speaker: Jordan Frey
Whether you’re convincing yourself or your org’s leadership, there’s no missing that TikTok is an ever-growing global platform that can benefit nonprofits! In this session, you’ll learn how to build a presence on TikTok to create a unique voice for your mission, connect with a larger community and seamlessly add new content into your larger social strategy. Jordan will speak from experience, having started her org’s TikTok channel from the beginning, and growing it to over 150k followers in less than a year!

SHIFT Happens! 3 power moves charity leaders are being called to make at such a time as this
Dion Johnson
These are interesting times to be a small charity leader. We’ve hit an undeniable season of change. Everything is shifting! That means that we, as leaders, must shift too! In this interactive session Dion Johnson, a Strategic Ally to CEO’s Directors & Heads, will share 3 specific shifts that every contemporary leader needs to make if they want to stay effective and impactful in their roles at such a time as this.

Thinking creatively when you’re overwhelmed: Live and interative discussion
Shivonne Graham
Live, roundtable chat facilitated by Shivonne thatto help find ways to be creative and think of new ideas when you’re overwhelmed by choice or lack of time.

Developing Member Loyalty
Sarah Shooter
In 2020, using a shoestring budget and a team of 2, Theatre Royal Wakefield redesigned and relaunched their membership scheme. In this session, Sarah will talk about how they trippled what their membership scheme raises, attracted new members and the impact on the wider organisation. Focusing on their stewardship programme and how they fed this in to their expanded fundraising events and then launched an individual challenge programme.

Tips for Fundraising Success in Small and Mighty Shops
Alice Ferris
For small teams, it can sometimes feel like you’re on a never-ceasing hamster wheel—constantly dealing with the day-to-day demands and seemingly making little progress. But any organization and any size staff can find ways to make your fundraising program more effective. In this session, we’ll face the challenges of a small shop and provide practical tips on doing more with less.

How to cut through the noise with email marketing
Amy Leighton, Paul Taylor and Emma Fortunaso
Email marketing is a crucial tool to engage with your supporters. But their inboxes are packed full of messages from other people and brands – all competing with your ask. So how can small charities give themselves an edge? Something that will increase the odds that people will open and act upon your emails? Join Amy, Paul and Emma from the JustGiving CRM team for a discussion on email marketing where they will show three of their all-time favourite emails. and tell you why they love them. Plus they’ll each share their favourite tips and tricks for emails when time, budget and resources are in short supply!

Using digital marketing to punch above your weight
Speaker: Jeff Boachie
A charity can do a fair amount to raise awareness of their activities using digital marketing techniques without spending a penny. However paid media is necessary when you want to go beyond what’s achievable using free marketing techniques. In this workshop I’ll be focusing on some top line tactical considerations around how to best utilise paid media, and the digital landscape, to maximise awareness, relevance and return on ad spend



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