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How Three Mobile and Samaritans kept a remote and varied workforce engaged in our partnership
Speakers: Matthew Gray & Briony Markham

How to refresh long term partnerships (The LinkedIn & Innovate Dublin Story)
Speaker: Fiona Descoteaux

How to build commercial partnerships
Speakers: Rebecca Hastings, Rob Neale, Megan Earl, Briony Markham

Make your partnership fly off the shelves: cause-related marketing 101
Speakers: David Hessekiel, Emma Smith

Corporate supporterships: insights into the small business landscape and how to seize them
Speakers: Veronica Bamford-Deane

Using social data intelligence to nail your corporate pitches
Speakers: Dana Segal, Filipe Páscoa

I Wish I’d Thought of That: Purpose for Profit
Speakers: Amy Hutchings, Libby Kaluna & Emma Russ – Hosted by Nikki Bell

Partnerships are more powerful when your whole charity partners
Speakers: Laura Solomons, Jonathan Andrews

How can charity partnerships help companies?
Speakers: Faye Jordan, Ruth Dance, Kay de Courcy, Georgina Oxlade

How to value non-financial partnerships
Speaker: Tom McKenzie

How to make companies care about black-led causes
Speakers: Kemar Walford, Carol Amickay