Charity Leadership Conference 2024

Charity Leadership Conference 2024



This is the virtual conference for leaders that want to see, and be part of, proactive and positive change in our sector.

It exists to make sure that every fundraising leader, present or future, understands what they need to do to make the right decisions, hire the right people, and lead in the right way.

With three virtual ‘tents’, the conference will help attendees to lead with confidence, build teams that thrive, and look after themselves in the process.

And because we know you’re busy, all sessions can be watched live or on-demand in your own time until July 20th(or for an unlimited time if you join as a Member).

All Fundraising Everywhere events are subtitled and held online on the Everywhere+ virtual event platform. You’ll receive a bonus digital delegate bag and live attendees can access our online networking room to meet other attendees.

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💙 Hear from our 2023 Attendees:


Room 1: Strategy

The Change Imperative: Survive, Grow and Thrive
Speaker: Luke Mallett
As much as 75% of major change programmes fail to achieve all their objectives and/or capture long-term value. This session will explore why this happens and how leaders can make change more impactful and successful while guiding their teams through change. Discover the core principles and actionable steps to drive and effectively communicate change, foster a culture of adaptability, and achieve your transformation goals. Join this live presentation and Q&A to gain practical insights and strategies to harness change as an imperative for ‘thrival’.

Raise more by ditching the focus on income
Speaker: Keith Wilson
2 years ago, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance took the decision to ditch income targets and focus on staff welfare and long-term relationship building. The result was a 25% increase in income. This session covers Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance’s journey so far, and the challenges, pitfalls and unexpected benefits the charity found along the way.

The Reality of Job Sharing: The Best Thing I Ever Did or Never Again?
Speaker: Husne Begum
Job shares are here to stay and this session will provide you with real life experience of the good the bad and the ugly, through my experience as Head of Corporate Partnerships for the past 2 years with 2 different partners. You will also hear insights from recruiters in the sector and other senior job sharers – both currently in a job share and those who have gone back to solo roles.

Strategic Transformation: Of and With the Team
Speaker: Beth Crackles
Sheffield Hospitals Charity has undergone significant changes over the last 12 months, including turning around a demotivated team with fractious relationships, to one that is benchmarking well in the staff survey and working to a collaboratively developed strategy.
Beth will share how she led these changes as a first-time CEO; why the team was the priority for her; where, with hindsight, she might have done things differently; and ultimately, how levels of satisfaction of employees have shifted from <10% to >80% in many areas within the staff survey.

Boundaries and Expectations – protecting your peace as a charity leader
Speaker: Caroline Doran
In this session we will explore why it is so important for charity leaders to set boundaries and expectations with themselves and others. We’ll get really clear on what a boundaries and expectations are and what gets in the way of us being able to set them. I’ll share a simple tool to help you have clear boundary setting conversations and we’ll explore how to manage the response others may have to you setting or resetting a boundary. This session is a must for anyone feeling overwhelmed in their role, who finds it hard to say no, or who has a tendency towards people pleasing behaviour.


Room 2: People

Tough Talk – How To Manage Difficult Relationships at Work
Speaker: Lucy Gower
Do you ever feel that no matter what you do that there’s some people who are just difficult to work with?
At work we encounter many different people, and we naturally get on better with some people than others. Working with other humans can be challenging. If we’re working flexibly and not always in the same location as colleagues it can be even more difficult to build strong working relationships, especially with those that we don’t naturally hit it off with. Tricky working relationships can knock our confidence, reduce productivity and our enjoyment of our work.
If you can develop the tools to build stronger relationships, even with those colleagues who go about things differently to you, it will boost your confidence, reduce the Sunday night dread, the inbox rage and will have a positive impact on your career, because now, more than ever, the ability to build strong relationships, especially at a distance, is a vital skill for any manager or leader.

Working with Vulnerable Circumstances: Understanding the basics for managing any situation
Matt Radford
As part of this session we aim to help you understand the 4 main different types of Vulnerability – This foundation will help you start to better understand and manage any Vulnerable Circumstance. We will then introduce Vulnerable Path’s ‘Before, During, After’ model which we use to analyse all Vulnerable Circumstances. This provides the basics to begin breaking down what you are doing and specifically how that is impacting the people you’re working with.

Supporting Team Progression: Professional Development
Speaker: Emma Leiper Finlayson
In this session, Emma will walk you through her approach to creating a People Development strategy that focuses on supporting team members to achieve their individual professional development goals and optimising performance across the team. The session will provide practical advice and guidance for implementing a development strategy, and some approaches to succession planning and talent retention to promote business continuity.

How to Host Inclusive Interviews (That Are Actually Inclusive)
Ceri Sunu
Despite their best intentions, many organisations are still failing to make their recruitment process truly inclusive – especially when it comes to interviews. Done right, interviews are a great way to find the perfect fit for a vacancy and build a team that’s genuinely diverse; done wrong, and you’ll have a gaping hole where a person should be, or, worse still, the wrong person altogether. In this session, Leadership Coach and Inclusive Recruitment Consultant Ceri Sunu will show you how to do interviews in a way that actually tests candidate’s competencies fairly, so you can throw out the crystal balls, spidey senses, and any other gut-feel decisions that are currently dictating who joins your team.

Effective and Inclusive Communication
Speaker: Lexi Thurston
In today’s multifaceted professional environment, mastering diverse communication styles is not just an advantage—it’s essential. I invite you to join me for a session designed to elevate your communication skills to new heights of effectiveness and inclusivity. Why is this session crucial? As our workplaces and societal interactions become increasingly diverse, the nuances of effective communication can make the difference between misunderstanding and meaningful collaboration. Whether you’re engaging with colleagues, clients, or community members, understanding and adapting to various communication styles—verbal, written, and non-verbal—can profoundly impact your success and relationships.


Room 3: Fundraising

Beyond The Donation – Managing Your Star Supporters
Speaker: Caroline Jones
As a self-declared curveball, Caroline sees things from the other side of the fundraising fence, her campaign Knickers Model’s Own instantly catching media attention and propelling her into the spotlight. Is your organisation ready for a curveball moment? In this session Caroline shares her thoughts on the value of identifying, aligning and working alongside your star supporters and what this partnership – if done well – can bring to your organisation.

Plan with confidence amongst the chaos
Speaker: Judith Sabah
Are you feeling overwhelmed amongst the chaos? Are you struggling to find and plan a way forward with confidence? Chaos can come to us at different times and for different reasons. Come and join Judith a charismatic and transformative coach who has a wealth of experience and through her work helps individuals to think clearly and calmly about how to move forwards with confidence. Through an interactive session, you’ll start to understand what is your chaos, how to start instilling personal confidence and how to start approaching your chaos so that you can plan with confidence.

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