Individual Giving Conference 2022



A virtual gathering of experts, fundraisers, and professionals sharing their passion for and knowledge of communicating and fundraising with individual donors.

How do we innovate and move away from the ‘burning platform’ of IG fundraising whilst maintaining successful strategies? What changes are already underway and what will success look like in 2023?

Join us for an afternoon of workshops and presentations covering everything from online tools and strategies, to direct mail and product development.

You will learn:

  • How the pandemic has shifted IG giving trends and what you need to prioritise now
  • How to innovate within existing strategies and what good looks like
  • How to retain supporters in an increasingly competitive space that makes one-off giving easier

And because we know you’re busy, all sessions can be watched live or on-demand in your own time until November 27th (or for an unlimited time if you join as a Member).

All Fundraising Everywhere events are subtitled and held online on the Everywhere+ virtual event platform. You’ll receive a bonus digital delegate bag and live attendees can access our online networking room to meet other attendees.

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Sessions include:

Individual Giving For Faith-Based Charities
Speaker: Mahboob Hussain
It’s well documented that Muslim givers are one of the most generous around, but what is it that motivates them to give? In this session, we will explore the different types of Muslim giving, how they impact the giver (and beneficiaries!) – the challenges of seasonality when it comes to Ramadan and so much more! The session promises to be insightful and entertaining for all!

Value over volume; a top down approach to driving huge appeal growth
Speaker: Jonathon Grapsas
Does more volume to mail mean more income? Not necessarily. Similarly, less can equal more. Find out how some iconic Aussie charities have shown that you don’t need an unhealthy obsession with volume to grow your appeals program. And how using high touch relationships can dramatically improve your direct marketing success.

The Cost of Not Listening and Acting
Speaker: Janine Chandler & Tim Bidey
As a society, we are going into even more uncertainty and change that is anticipated to negatively affect how people donate. However, danger lies in using our past to predict our future or relying purely on economic forecasts and numbers to gauge how people will respond. We need to go deeper and understand how people are thinking and feeling. For many IG supporters this will be the first time that they will be personally impacted e.g. mortgage interests, fuel bills rocketing, power cuts, strikes, being worse off. Whereas many traditional older supporters will be more shielded from triple locked pensions, paid off mortgages, savings from Covid. We can’t take for granted the behaviours of different supporters and we need to unearth new insights about their concerns, motivations and ensure that IG propositions are designed to meet their needs. In this interactive live session we will talk through how to unearth deep insight into how your current and potential supporters are thinking and feeling. And how you can use this insight to create new propositions.

How to grow your Email list
Speaker: Jeff Boachie
In this session, Jeff will share his top tips on how to grow your email marketing list, and the importance of doing so.

INTEGRATED PRODUCTS: the future of charity giving
Speaker: Amy Hutchings, Lucy Silver & Suzi Collins
The next generation of charity products won’t be developed in silos, and they’ll meet the objectives of fundraising, brand AND programmes. Come and find out how you can create products that deliver income, awareness and impact with Open and Breast Cancer Now.

How the cost of living crisis is influencing giving, and what you can do about it
Phil Aiston
TPXimpact will be discussing the impacts that the cost of living crisis is having on individual giving teams, with a specific focus on digital, and the things you can start trying now to sure up your charity for an uncertain future. We’ll briefly look at how behaviours are starting to change in donors, but talk more about our initial ideas to tackle the two biggest problems our own clients are facing today; regular donor attrition, and acquiring new donors. Our digital strategists and campaign delivery specialists operate as a single unit, so our knowledge comes from the data we’re actually seeing on the ground, and our recommendations are ones we’ll be implementing ourselves.

The Rise of the Middle – why we need to look again at mid-level donors
Speaker: Nathalie Ormrod & Saige Jennings
We are seeing a rise in the volume and retention of mid-level donors within fundraising programmes. This is leading to more organisations considering how best to engage with them long-term. The looming recession means this group will be even more important than ever. Let’s discuss how to reach them within IG programmes and increase average donation values as a result.

Reaching donors in meaningful ways
Speaker: Jordyn Baillie & Brian Taylor
“Hi I’m Jordyn, I’m the Customer Success Manager at JustGiving. I used to work for a small charity, I know how much effort goes into fundraising and that’s one of my motivations to ensure you can gain the most donations possible. In this session you’ll see me chatting to Brian from Guy’s Gift, a Coventry & Warwickshire based charity supporting bereaved children. Listen to how they’ve been fundraising during the cost-of-living crisis and join us to find out how Guys Gift made small changes to gain more donations. Hear how they plan to “cushion” the potential loss of donations, during the cost-of-living crisis, using Giving Checkout to create personalisation and maximise donations.”

Keeping the Supporter at the Centre
Speaker: Annie Perez
In this talk, I’d like to get us all thinking about the ongoing experiences people have with the charity/ies they choose to support shouldn’t be taken for granted. So, what if we involve supporters in change? And in what ways could we use it as a sincere opportunity to connect and grow affinity?

Behavioural science and the cost of living crisis
Cherian Koshy
A recent survey indicates that 85% of respondents said they are seeing the impact of the cost of living crisis on the choices they make. The fact is that unaffordability is affecting everyone and seems to be the only topic the news is covering. What’s more, a perfect winter storm is brewing with both rising energy costs and year-end fundraising appeals. How is the cost of living crisis impacting your donors and how is it impacting your organisation…and how is it impacting you? The current research gives us insights and warnings for both our external communications as well as our internal strategies. In this session, we’ll unpack the research and find ways to align our work to acknowledge these important realities.

TikTok: It’s Time To Get Your Gen Z On
Speaker: Rebs Curtis-Moss
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that TikTok is a rapidly expanding social media channel both here in the UK, and around the world. This session is for those of you wanting your charity to have a presence on TikTok, but not really knowing how to get started. Having written the strategy behind the RNLI’s extremely successful TikTok channel and currently managing Shelter’s TikTok account, Rebs knows how to successfully build and engage with an audience on this platform. Watch their session if you’d like to know more!

Emergency Fundraising: How to build an audience led testing plan from the unexpected
Speaker: Ami O’Neill & Tasmia Baig
The British Red Cross started 2022 with some ambitious supporter engagement plans. But, when an emergency like Ukraine happens, even the best laid plans have to pivot. Join us for a session to hear how we adapted, prioritised and created a springboard for learning during BRC’s Ukraine Emergency Appeal. We will talk you through how we decided what to test, how we measured, what we’ve learned so far and what we are curious to know next.

Value Exchange: Learn how to recruit loyal donors like us!
Jade Deeley
At Dementia UK, we launched a new Value Exchange pilot in April 2021 and have spent the last 18 months collaborating with a digital agency (Platypus) and Telemarketing agency (Stratcom) to build, test and refine the programme to a point where we are seeing a consistent and sustainable level of success with converting leads to regular givers. In this session we will take you through pilot to roll out of a acquisition product that we are seeing better results every time we make a change.

Face to Face Fundraising: Lessons from our first year
Speakers: Craig Linton & Tara bean
In 2021, as lockdown lifted, Leeds Hospitals Charity embarked on their first ever F2F campaign. In this session, we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned, mistakes to avoid and how we’ve kept retention high. Highlights include: tips for partnering with suppliers, welcoming new suppliers, ongoing stewardship wins, and analysing and using data. With real examples and stories, come and hear what we’ve learned over the past year.

Legacy Storytelling in 3 Acts
Speaker: Jen Love
Stories are at the heart of any legacy giving program. In this session, we’ll chat about what you can do, at every stage of your legacy program, to infuse stories and voices into your fundraising. You’ll learn about empathic story gathering: how to share stories about our charities and our donors in a way that honours a range of lived experiences and also inspires a sense of belonging.

Data, friend or foe? How to sort the good data from the bad. And what the credible reports tell us about post-pandemic fundraising.
Leesa Harwood
Every day more data and research drops into our in-boxes. How do we sort the good from the bad? The insight from the click-bait? Can we ever find time to read it all? I have sifted through hundreds and read over 87 reports about the impact of the pandemic and post-pandemic forecasts for charities and fundraising. Find out what I really think about the research that lands in your in-box, where to go for the good stuff, and what the smart people predict for post-pandemic fundraising.

Working quick. Working slick.
Speaker: Paul Hayward
Join Engaging Networks and Dignity in Dying as they share their experience of agile working to deliver 1,000 new members to support Dignity in Dying over three short months. Learn about the work Dignity in Dying tested with their audience, their experience of agile working and the results they generated to help develop their membership programme. In the session you’ll also learn about broader insights and tactics used across the sector to maximise fundraising performance – many of which Dignity in Dying use to help drive their programme and can be easily incorporated into the work you do today!



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