Fundraising Strategy Virtual Summit 2021

Thursday 18th of March


Plan your charity’s fundraising future. Do it now!

The pandemic has thrown the world upside down, and charities are looking to respond. There has never been a more important time for your fundraising strategy to be bang on.

That’s why 3rd Sector Mission Control and Fundraising Everywhere have brought you the first international conference dedicated solely to Fundraising Strategy.

If you’re a sole fundraiser, a fundraiser working in a team, a fundraising leader, or a non-fundraiser looking to understand the role you can play to support it within your organisation, this summit’s for you.

How should you build your fundraising strategy and, once you have done so, how will you implement it successfully?

Featuring sessions with practical advice, case studies and opinion pieces from fundraising experts from around the world, our aim is to give you the skills, inspiration and confidence to shape and implement your organisation’s fundraising strategy so that you can change the world.

Through these  will look at a range of topics, including:

  • How to decide on the right things to do, and in the right order
  • How to bring people with you, particularly trustees and non-fundraising team members
  • How to strike the balance between right now and the future
  • How to keep it “live”, to manage risks and red flags, and how to decide whether to “pivot” or plot the same course
  • How to define fundraising strategy, and understand the difference between your strategy, your action plan, and your tactics
  • How to ensure your fundraising strategy is aligned with your organisation’s strategy
  • How to develop and implement fundraising strategy for a wide range of income streams
  • How you can still be strategic with your fundraising in a fast-changing world

The conference was originally broadcast in March 2021 but recordings are available to all attendees to watch in their own time. Purchase now for instant access!

You’ll get access to:

  • Making your strategy usable every day – Nicola Tallett & Fee Gilfeather
  • Human Focused Strategy – Wayne Murray
  • The value of models and theories – Dr Claire Routley
  • Fundraiser Maeve’s Top 10 Fundraising Tips for 2021 – Maeve Strathy
  • The data you need to make decisions – Cherian Koshy
  • How to bring people with you, particularly trustees and non-fundraising team members – Zoe Amar
  • The key questions to consider when developing your fundraising strategy – Scott Watkin, Desiree D’Souza, Mandi Hine, Donna White
  • Fundraising Post-Pandemic & Beyond – Rhodri Davies
  • How to consistently start building your individual giving file – Niduk D’Souza
  • The British Red Cross approach to developing a people-centred fundraising strategy – Kate Simmons & Lesley Pinder
  • Looking up and looking out – Sonya Trivedy
  • Strategy is a feeling – Chloe Amstein
  • What can Fundraisers Learn from Shigetaka Komori, the CEO of FujiFilm? – Dr Haseeb Shabbir


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