Trusts and Major Donors Conference 2023


Are you a trusts, grants, or major donor fundraiser that’s looking for a way to increase your impact and reduce your workload?

The Trusts and Major Donor conference is back for another year of shared learning, case studies, and best practice to help you succeed.

Join us for an afternoon top quality, online training to:

    • Feel inspired to start a major donor programme (even if you feel like you’re lacking connections)
    • Build both your prospect pipeline and a more inclusive and ethical fundraising practice (win-win!)
    • Listen in on conversations with both funders and fundraisers to hear about the challenges they’re facing (and the solutions they’re coming up with)
    • Supercharge your internal relationships for better-crafted proposals
    • Be blown away with a library of creative stewardship ideas

All Fundraising Everywhere virtual conferences are recorded and available to watch for 30 days post-event. They’re also subtitled and slides can be provided in advance.

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Room 1: Managing Inwards

Fundraising Reality Check – Challenges, Opportunities, Tactics and Solidarity!
Michelle Benson, Steve Murigi, Suzanne Lestrade & Tristan Paton
What are the biggest issues facing fundraisers wishing to grow their trust and philanthropy income? How can fundraisers tackle these issues and make the most of opportunities that do exist? A panel of fundraisers in the field and a person working with trusts funds and individual donors explore what is working today, and how fundraisers can take advantage of their insights.

Your Next Opportunity Is Sitting With Your Colleague: Integrating Across High Value
Speaker: Michelle Stein
Donors don’t walk around calling themselves a major donor or a corporate donor, they just call themselves, donors. Yet we love a silo in the charity sector and compartmentalise based on our internal departments which can lead to so many missed opportunities. This session will look at integrating across high-value fundraising so you can maximise the fundraising happening on your doorstep.

Managing Capacity, Avoiding Burnout, and the Magic of Ending Perfectionism
Speakers: Christa Orth & Olivia Andrews
Hear from two recovering perfectionists about how to have your very own sustainable and joyful fundraising career.
Key learnings from this session: 
– Ensuring you have objectives beyond money goals (# of donors, conversations, partnerships)
– What to do if you think you’re burning out
– Overcome fear of delegation
– You’re actually doing better than you realize!

Internal Management: Top Tips for Effective Communication
Patty Da Silva
In this session I will share tops tips on how to make the best of your internal relationships to maximise your fundraised income. Drawing on my experience of working with mid/ large charities, I will focus on how managing your relationships with colleagues effectively, can have a transformational impact on your budget setting, pipeline management, proposal and report writing.

Grant Making in 2023 – What Fundraisers Need to Know
Speaker: James Newell, Ugo Ikokwu, Bushra AhmedLucy Scanlon
This is a panel for Grant Makers to discuss the trends, the challenges and the opportunities they’re working with at the moment. It is a window into what can feel like a very closed world and a chance for fundraisers to hear four different grant makers talk about what it’s like on the other side of the fence.

Room 2: Managing Outwards

Fundraising Without a Little Black Book
Rob Clunas
Not all of us have well connected friends or have the phone number of a wealthy philanthropist. This session will look at making the most of fundraising that isn’t reliant on having a little black book of contacts.
Key learnings from this session:
– Non-conventional ways to build connections for your charity and work towards a larger donor pool.
– Utilising your board to generate leads and make introductions.
– The crazy fundraising ideas that might just be genius…

Capitalising on What You Do Have: How to Harness the Power of Trustees
Speaker: Krystal Lashley-Scrivener
During the 30 minute session, I will share my experience of making and securing the ask through the engagement of Trustees. The session will cover areas like:
– Knowing who your Trustees are
– Mapping your connections
– Building an effective cultivation plan

Creative Approaches to Prospect Research
Speaker: Wonu Owoade
Prospect research is a fundamental aspect of any organisation’s fundraising strategy. It helps you determine new funders and funding opportunities that are aligned with your mission and can help sustain and scale the work you do. In this session, I will provide you with tips and tricks based on my experience with how to conduct successful prospect research and donor profiling for your organisation.

High-Value Fundraising & Disability: “How I Make It Work”
Speaker: Emma Kennedy-Cox
Working with a disability/chronic illness can be very challenging. In this session i will talk about how I maintain a successful career in fundraising and volunteering whilst managing my 3 chronic health conditions.


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